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Is this the future of cardiovascular devices?

October 4, 2016

This  is amazing technology that allows the body to regenerate functional tissues.

Regenerative Medicine for Skin Burns

August 23, 2016

Burn treatment is a major area of application for regenerative medicine.  As evidenced by the companies discussed in this article, not only are stem cells proving to be effective in generating skin re-growth, but the technologies to make this treatment clinical viable continue to improve.

Albertans win first Governor General's Innovation Awards

May 24, 2016

Alberta entrepreneurs were recognized for their success as they were amongst the recipients of the first Governor General's Innovation Awards.  Congratulations to Breanne Everett and her team at Orpyx and to Robert Burrell at the University of Alberta. 

TAVR isn't perfect ... yet

May 24, 2016

This is an interesting study published by the very reputable group at St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver.   There has been increasing acceptance of TAVR as the FDA continues to approve its use for lower risk patient groups.  However, this longer term study found early degeneration in half of the TAVR's.  Some of this was attributable to intravalvular regurgitation, which is being addressed in newer versions of the valves.  However, a third of these were due to valvular stenosis. 

With the excitement around minimally invasive valve procedures and the introduction of the new mitral valves, stenosis seems to be a bit on the back burner.  One of Zymetrix' clients, Dr. Kishan Narine of the Libin Cardiovascular Institute, has recently completed a prototype of an aortic valve using a proprietary material and leaflet design that shows improved hemodynamics and reduced leaflet stresses in early testing.  The next step will be preclinical studies where it is expected to show reduced calcification.

Ammolite Biomodels wins TENET I2C competition

April 6, 2016

Congratulations to Aubrey Blair-Pattison and Ammolite Biomodels for winning the inaugural $100,000 TENET I2C competition for translational medical technologies.  A realistic and cost-effective training option, Ammolite BioModels’ Tactile Bones aim to reduce the cost, time and risks of surgeries by improving training outside the operating room.  Ammolite's technology was developed within the Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary within the Zymetrix lab space.

TAVR continues to expand

April 4, 2016

Trials are supporting expanded use of TAVR, and the companies are certainly liking it.

Calgary based Surface Medical increases market reach

March 2, 2016

One of Zymetrix' regular testing clients, Surface Medical, has inked a distribution partnership to get their CleanPatch product into the US market.  

Do you have trouble sleeping?

December 10, 2015

Calgary based medical start-up, Zephyr Sleep Technologies, is continuing to advance technologies that deal with breathing-related sleep disorders ...

SYNERGY Stent Design

December 3, 2015

This video gives a not often seen perspective on what it takes to design and develop a current generation medical device. 

Calgary's "Organ on a Chip"

November 10, 2015

Another example of the great biomedical engineering work going on at the University of Calgary as Dr. Amir Sanati Nezhad  wins the Douglas R. Colton medal. Zymetrix and Dr. Sanati work side by side in the CCIT building on the UofC main campus.

University of Calgary wins Award at CSVS 2015

November 2, 2015

Congratulations to researchers at the University of Calgary who recently won the Josephus Luke Award at the 2015 Canadian Society for Vascular Surgery meeting, presented to the best clinical or basic research abstract.  The project developed ground breaking methods to support endovascular stent graft design. Zymetrix is proud to have been a collaborator on the project.  For more information on the project, click here.

TA Instruments acquires Bose ElectroForce group

June 26, 2015

On May 26, 2015, TA Instruments acquired the ElectroForce Group from the Bose Corporation.  TA Instruments – a subsidiary of Waters Corporation (NYSE: WAT) – is the leading manufacturer of analytical instruments for thermal analysis, rheology, and microcalorimetry. The company is headquartered in New Castle, Delaware, USA, and has direct operations in 23 countries.

Zymetrix has worked in partnership with the Bose ElectroForce Systems Group since inception.   The drive and innovation that made the ElectroForce Systems Group a leader in equipment for the testing of biomaterials and medical devices remains in place in Eden Prairie, MN.  Zymetrix is excited to continue its relationship with the ElectroForce Group under the banner of TA Instruments.

Zymetrix is exhibiting at MD&M West 2015, Booth #940

January 13, 2015

The Medical Design and Manufacturing (MD&M) West exhibition and conference is North America's largest medtech event. MD&M West brings together thousands of global experts in the medical device design and development field to promote innovation across the medical device community.

Zymetrix is proud to announce that we will be exhibiting at MD&M West in Anaheim from Feb 10 - Feb 12, 2015. Please come visit us at Booth #940.

Surface Medical, Winner, Outstanding Science & Technology Start-Up

January 1, 2015

In fall of 2014, Surface Medical Inc was announced as the winner of the Outstanding Science and Technology Start-Up at the annual ASTech Awards.  Zymetrix has developed a collaborative, ongoing relationship with Surface Medical that began at the company's inception.  The team at Surface Medical exemplify entrepreneurship, and Zymetrix is proud to share in their success. 


Everyone's Talking Wearable Sensors

December 9, 2014

Wearable sensors have started to become ubiquitous in the consumer world. In Medtech, benefits of the wearable sensor are just starting to be realized with some incredible advancements in technology, as outlined in this article.  If you're a fan of wearable sensors, check out MC10:  they've developed a cutting edge platform technology that they're applying across industries.

In addition their primary function of measurement, wearables have to meet requirements for durability and adhesion for their specific applications.  Zymetrix is proud to be working with two innovative companies in wearable technology:  Orpyx Medical Technologies, with disruptive concepts of bio-feedback to deal with diabetic neuropathy, came to Zymetrix to ensure their pressure sensor could deal with the cyclical loading of walking [click here for more info].  And Surface Medical and Zymetrix have a long standing relationship for testing the adhesive properties and cytotoxicity of their Cleanpatch and Nuvaply products.