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Everyone's Talking Wearable Sensors

December 9, 2014

Wearable sensors have started to become ubiquitous in the consumer world. In Medtech, benefits of the wearable sensor are just starting to be realized with some incredible advancements in technology, as outlined in this article.  If you're a fan of wearable sensors, check out MC10:  they've developed a cutting edge platform technology that they're applying across industries.

In addition their primary function of measurement, wearables have to meet requirements for durability and adhesion for their specific applications.  Zymetrix is proud to be working with two innovative companies in wearable technology:  Orpyx Medical Technologies, with disruptive concepts of bio-feedback to deal with diabetic neuropathy, came to Zymetrix to ensure their pressure sensor could deal with the cyclical loading of walking [click here for more info].  And Surface Medical and Zymetrix have a long standing relationship for testing the adhesive properties and cytotoxicity of their Cleanpatch and Nuvaply products.