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Project Detail

Pressure Sensor Durability Testing


Electro-mechanical Devices


Durability Testing , Medical Device Testing


Diabetics are at risk of severe foot ulcerations and amputation as a result of peripheral neuropathy. Orpyx is bringing novel products to the market, in the form of a pressure measuring insole and feedback mechanism, to assist diabetics in altering their gait pattern.  Orpyx need to test its pressure sensors and insole for durability as they will be subjected to repetitive loading and specific environmental conditions in the field.

Value Add:

The near frictionless linear motors and high frequency capabilities of the Bose Electroforce test frames make them ideal for high cycle durability testing that would otherwise be difficult to conduct in a reasonable time frame. Zymetrix was also able to customize the loading conditions of the test to suit Orpyx's specific application.


  • 25 Million cycles at 50 Hz and 200 N peak force under load control using the Bose Electroforce 3300.
  • Using a custom angled platen to create both compression and shear load on the sensor, 100,000 cycles at 20Hz and 200 N peak force under load control in the Bose Electroforce 3300.